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Lily and Marissa are going at each other's belly again in our new video in the store! We ran into a slight delay with this month's Patreon videos, we are still on track for 3 more videos in addition to our review already up!
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New gallery on the Patreon Page


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1 New video in the Store


1  New video on the Patreon Page


1 New video in the Store


1 New video in the Store


1 New video in the Store


1  New video on the Patreon Page


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- Disclaimer -
The images contained on this are of women in tight second-skin clothing. If you find this sort of thing offensive, leave now. Some images are original works of art and they are copyrighted. Do not attempt to sell or use these images in commercial work. Also, if you scanned or made a image that appears on this site and would like it removed from public display, contact me, I'll remove it asap.
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To show the beauty of the female form in one of the (if not the) most erotic fabrics ever created, Lyrca Spandex. This site also hopes that through promoting the appeal of spandex attire, we will find more women choosing to include spandex in their daily wardrobe selections.
We also strive to bring you the finest quality photos and videos, in terms of quality and content. If you would like to know more about Spandex the stretch fabric, more info can be found in this write up by DynamicTorque from our forums here.
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