20 Years of TPOWIS, time for some upgrades.

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20 Years of TPOWIS, time for some upgrades.

Postby TPOWIS Admin » Wed Nov 14, 2018 4:37 pm

As TPOWIS celebrates being online over two decades, it's time to consider some big changes. However, it is important to implement changes while preserving the wealth of content amassed here. So this is where we run into problems. This forum is extremely large at this point and transferring it to new software has proven most troublesome. Phpbb's archaic attachment feature is a big part of this problem. I've considered placing this old board into an archive mode, and starting fresh, but I don't think that will be so user friendly. So as a whole, the forum software upgrade is on hold. I am looking for recommendations on upgrade paths, but I think I've settled on XenForo with the media extension. In any case, the idea here is to finally put the need for 3rd party hosts to rest.

Meanwhile, I am reorganizing the main galleries and upgrading that to the latest software. Hopefully videos will become part of the gallery itself thus making updates easier.

Currently, the main galleries will have the following additions as top categories: Modeling (emphasis on photos taken with the model paying attention), Candid (photos taken with models not paying attention). This effectively eliminates the current amateur and Asian galleries which I feel have not aged well. The rest of the top level galleries will remain with some reorganization into their sub galleries. And of course, there will be expansion into our own original material as well.

The one subject I have not figured out how to deal with is Celebrities. Right now we have an excellent categorization of celebs in spandex here, but I am just not up to the task of sorting out who is who from literally thousands of "celebs" seen in our favorite attire. Its probably best to keep it to a few exceptions, celebs known to love wearing spandex in public (the Kardashians, Amber Rose, Hanna Hooper, etc). The vast majority however, modeling and candids.

This structure is not yet final, and suggestions for even top level categories are still on the table. For example, maybe ditch the activity entirely and simplify it to the type of outfit only?

Just wanted to give you all an update from behind the scenes here and get a vibe on anything I may be overlooking.

-Killatron (soon to probably be TPOWIS.NET or Admin for that name too has not aged well)
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Re: 20 Years of TPOWIS, time for some upgrades.

Postby Lycrafan2004 » Sat Nov 24, 2018 1:44 am

Wow, that are great news. We user only see the interface and i for myself can not see any problems. They are only behind the interface. So i never thought about changing anything here. But it is clear to "see" that the forum will get larger and larger when you attach more and more images and other files. if this keeps going on endless it will turn into very big problem.
So i wish you good luck and success with the turn over. We will see what the new forum will bring to us.
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Re: 20 Years of TPOWIS, time for some upgrades.

Postby davislove » Tue Dec 18, 2018 9:24 am

Hi killatron i know from conversations [pm's] going back for 6+ years at least you have said that there needs to be major changes and that some sort of upgrade was necessary. I do think two things are very important one is some sort of an archive to the past content which is accessible but remains locked so that it preserves whats there but at the same time can be visible to any one if needed and acts as a form of 'library of congress' that survives and validates the legacy [20 years] of TPOWIS for presnt@future members to come and enjoy such a rich history of content.

And the 2nd point is that as you know our moderator is very detailed as to category and topic and if theres one thing that this forum differentiates it from the many many dozen others out there is the ORGANIZATIONAL component of it. I do feel however that we could use some pruning and we can merge some topics but i do stress that any form of changes must have clearly delineated sub galleries/topics that correspond closely to the present-day forum. I think a clean-up should be done NOW [months ahead] so that by the time the new platform/softwear is launched a 'duplicate' of categories and subtopics [to be created] will match closely [what will become]the old archival section of this present forum as it now exists. I think this organizational component and making sure that members post in the correct categories is a fundamental difference between TPOWIS and a lot of other forums. WE MUST PRESERVE in some form this structure with new changes.

Content is king; i follow the stock market and regarding media companies its all about content; who has it who can produce it. This forum has the content[ a rich +/- 20 years of videos @ photos] and it must be safeguarded at all costs but accessible to all and yet we must be viable going forward and we must add new members that will continue to add to the legacy of TPOWIS for hopefully another 20 years to come with a new platform or softwear upgrades to continue going forward.

I know i havent contributed any bright new ideas with my dissertation but I hope a few 'wise words' from yours truly will be taken seriously in whatever decisions that you think is best/necessary in moving forward the forum. If i can be of any help Killatron let me know and you or your moderators are always welcomed to pm me. Thank you and I hope the very best to the future forum changes and happy holidays to all of our loyal@contributing members.
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