Why we love spandex

Discuss the site, what you want to see, real life sightings you wish to share, or just your take on the subject of women in spandex! (and only women in spandex please)

Why we love spandex

Postby DynamicTorque » Thu Jun 01, 2017 12:20 am

We don't need to cover the obvious answer....the shiny-smooth texture, the tight fit, how it looks on a woman's body, how it feels, how it accentuates features, etc...that's pretty much a given. Let's delve further.

The term fetish has a perverted ring to it, it conjures up thoughts of perversions, shameful desires, disgusting notions and being deviant in a manner that would be less then acceptable. I don't think anyone likes the moniker....it's far easier to say you have a 'thing for spandex', an appreciation of it or you find it very fascinating. We assume any parent wouldn't want their kid around us any sooner then a drug dealer or child molester....but wtf, we just like spandex, is that REALLY so deviant or socially awkward? Personally, when I'm scouring through YouTube for videos related to spandex and I stumble across some video of a young gymnast seeing how many leotards she can try on in less then a minute, I quickly move to another video...I want NOTHING to do with anything other then attractive women. Any thoughts to share on that?

Beyond that, I often find myself wondering why....just why...do I love wearing spandex so much? I'm fairly certain my own wearing it is simply relates to an associative tangible effect of wearing something I've come to admire so much on women. My own desire to wear it has almost exceeded seeing it on women...but it evens out at the end of the day being about even. But still, why is it so fulfilling??? Psychology suggest that it's an associated sexual thing and it starts early in life. Indeed, most the stories I've read here suggest that most of us saw or experienced something back in early elementary school. We all have our stories but the commonality is that it seems to have originated in our youth and when our sexual desires were just developing. It's like our sexual desire started growing and the spandex bug got intertwined and got tied into it. Anyone care to really divvy this up and explore just what makes us tick on this level?
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Re: Why we love spandex

Postby Stan » Sat Jun 24, 2017 11:50 pm

This is well written and sums up nicely what probably a lot of us has gone thru over the years and/or had thoughts about our "thing" for spandex. Fetish does bring up negative images about a behavior. But I'm at a point in my life I don't care anymore, anyone can call it what they want. I just know I like wearing it, have been doing it for a long time and it's a totally harmless thing that I like to do in private. For some reason it just feels good. I don't even care to about why, its been ingrained in me since I was real little. No different than a guy preferring blondes over brunettes. If I'm at home watching TV sporting a unitard, so what, who will ever know. I'm totally straight and the one thing I like more than wearing spandex is seeing women in spandex. It's like the greatest invention ever. Whoever invented yoga pants, I want to shake their hand!
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