Sporty Girl biking wearing tight spandex cycling shorts

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Re: Sporty Girl biking wearing tight spandex cycling shorts

Postby DynamicTorque » Mon Aug 09, 2010 2:28 pm

Well thanks guys!

I'm just a typical guy like either of you, but I rather enjoy taking my fascination with spandex/lycra and, in a cathertic manner, expressing it in's really helped me sort-out and come to terms with the whole subject. Having dissected, discussed and chatted about it, it's really changed the way I've come to think about it. It's gone from a dark internal secret to something I'm far more comfortable with.

The greatest 'gift' I've gotten from this process is going from feeling like I had a closet-fetish (that made me feel a bit freaky) the realization that it's not uncommon, not unusual, not a sickness, perversion or mental disorder...and that it's really nothing more then a deep admiration for the way a fabric looks on the body. I don't entirely like the word "fetish", but I guess that's what it is.

As I see it, we are inherently cast with certain desires and drives. We're made to feel thirsty to ensure we drink and give our bodies water. We're also driven with hunger to eat. Without these 'drives' we'd just perish. If you really think about it, much of what we do is driven by unseen or unrealized incentives. The species need to procreate is fulfilled by a sexual drive. Understanding that drive is as complex as the universe, but we all know how our mind can dramatically alter 1 minute before or 10 seconds after an orgasm. Somewhere along the line, our sense of sexuality is tapped into the flowing lines and skin-tight sensation that is spandex. Perhaps it looks so good on a women that we, ourselves, wanted to tap into this and experience it as well. The good news is that we don't have to do it in a secretive manner and today men can wear spandex in an appropriate and acceptible way, the only caveat being that it's most acceptible while we're swimming, running, cycling, at the gym or involved in sports.

All I can say for sure is that I don't think I could have made this huge change (lost weight, gotten in shape, etc) without the incentive and pleasure of wearing it's truly been a VERY beneficial element in my life, dare I say a blessing.
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