Heroineburgh: Live-action Superheroine Video Series

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Heroineburgh: Live-action Superheroine Video Series

Postby shevek » Fri Jul 06, 2018 4:03 am

Hello everyone!

After joining the forum two years ago, I realized I had not posted anything because I was unsure where to put the information on the forum, and then forgot all about it.
But a new video posted by C4S reminded me that TPOWIS.net is still going...so I'm back to start letting you know about our video series. I'm not sure where to post it
so I figured "General Discussion" is a good start, and if the moderators prefer that I put the information in a different subforum, they can let me know.

HEROINEBURGH is a live-action superheroine video series based in Pittsburgh, PA - the same city as Killatron. It features action and combat, drama and comedy, a bit of romance,
and a prodigious display of spandex in every episode.

Here's the premise for Season 1: A dark-energy meteor explodes above the city of Pittsburgh. It causes epigenetic changes in the XX chromosomes of dozens of women, imbuing them
with various superpowers. Some choose to use their powers for personal gain or crimes, and they become villainesses. 20 of the recipients decide to use their powers to help the people of the city, and become heroines. The heroines are a diverse lineup, reflecting the different neighborhoods, ethnicities, professions and sexual orientations of the area.

Season 1 consists of 13 episodes which are the origin stories for the 20 heroines. The origins of various villains are also established. By the conclusion of Episode 13, the heroines have
coalesced to form a League, who must battle the combined strength of the villains. That brings the series to Season 2, where many team-ups will happen and new foes will be introduced.

As of right now, 10 full episodes of about a half an hour each have been released and are available for purchase at a reasonable $7.99 each from the Video Store at
http://www.heroineburgh.com. During the summer, we'll be producing Episodes 11-13 which will be released in the fall.

We hope you enjoy our productions! Check out our website and our social media (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and DeviantArt). And if you have any questions or comments,
please direct them to info@heroineburgh.com.

Heroines Unite!!
Live-action superheroine video series in Pittsburgh. Combat, drama, comedy and romance in the finest spandex!
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Re: Heroineburgh: Live-action Superheroine Video Series

Postby superheroinelinks » Wed Dec 05, 2018 10:38 am

This website is good.

As far as feedback? I can tell you what I like and do not like.
What do I LIKE?
1. I like the live action women models in their skin tight spandex, leotards, catsuit and footed shiny pantyhose/tights, masks, capes, and gloves.
2. Sexy peril, traps, helplessness like the 66 Batman style tv show. Bound, tied, chained, begging.
3. Evil twin or clone type of projects. Wearing identical costumes that look almost identical if not identical twins. Good vs evil scenario.
4. Superheroines getting dressed or ready in front of the mirror. Parading around & admiring one's self. Feeling their silky spandex and getting turned on by it.
5. Outside exterior photos and videos in the right setting & right lighting. Reaction from bystanders to & seeing them do double takes.
6. Women wearing their costumes under their clothes then bursting out from under them removing their out shell revealing their secret identities.

What do I NOT like?
I'm NOT a big fan of .....
1. Artwork
2. Not a fan of SKIRTS on the live action women. It covers up too much.
3. Latex unless it's SKIN tight with no wrinkles at all.
4. Women who can't act, or are not into it all & are CLEARLY doing it for just the money and who complain the entire time while filming.
5. Women that are bald or crew cut hair styles. Wear a wig PLEASE!
6. Actress that are chubby, out of shape, fat or clearly don't work out at all.
7. I don't like tattoos. I'm sorry, I just don't get it. I'm sorry if I offend anyone.

I hope this helps.

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsaJNs ... h5aTsjnGxQ
I LOVE seeing sexy women in Pantyhose, skin tight Spandex, Tights, Leggings, Unitards, Catsuit, BodyStockings, Gloves, Masks and sexy seductive Role Playing Peril!
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