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Spandex improves lives!

PostPosted: Tue Dec 01, 2009 8:02 pm
by taurus8
It has improved mine, that's for sure.

Well, this weekend it finally happened... I'll tell you the whole story....

I blame it all on watching Solid Gold, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, the outbreak of MTV, and a particular girl who's mom picked her up after going to gym class.

The programs you can a teen and early 20-something, TV was bombarding us poor raging-hormoned males with spandex-clad images. Add to the fact that one girl in my English class at high school would have a mom come pick her up whenever English was the last course of the day in various lycra gym clothes (Friday). I think the mom (major MILF material, though we didn't have that expression then) knew what she was doing to all us guys, and loved all the eyes upon her.

Fast forward and a dating life with not much spandex at all...because the times had changed.

Then...marriage and about 5 years ago, we were having a talk of what I'd think would look good on her...and I tell her that she has a great body and that I think that skin-tight pants, especially spandex looks hot on a woman. She wrinkles her nose, but 2 weeks later surprises me with "hey, look what I picked up at Salvation Army". It was a cotton Biketard, so I've learnt from this site and others. She looked hot in it, and I loved it whenever she wears it, which was sometimes before we'd make love. But it wasn't very comfortable for her to wear so it's not often brought out of the closet.

Fast forward again to this past weekend...and she says she wants a nice dress to go to her Christmas party in - something glittery. Our nearby store has a flyer in the paper with just the dress...and they've paired them with shiny leggings. "I think the leggings give the top more pizazz, don't you agree?" I say. She smiles...and says "yeah, I know you've always wanted me in something like that, haven't you? So, we go shopping yesterday on my day off, and she doesn't like the tops at that particular store, but another store in the mall has a nice top, long and fitting over her bum, 80's style but with a more modern design, with just a hint of grey-ish glitter in it. She says, "OK, since the top isn't all that glittery, I guess some glitter on the legs would be OK, as long as we can match the grey-black.

...which we do at another store. She now has a great looking outfit with near liquid-look leggings (just dull enough to be respectable, shiny enough to be noticed!) for her Christmas party next week.

We go home and she reminds me "you know, we don't have to pick up our daughter from school yet, how about I model my new outfit for you? So she proceeds to put on her outfit and banishes me to downstairs for 5 minutes. I walk up after she says "OK, come on up!" , and she dances for me. She bends over, making the material hug her bum even more, allowing me to see the trace outline of a thong, carefully studying my face as she does this. I have the widest grin, like a kid at a candy store.

She leads me to the bed and when we're beside each other she says "I wonder what a hard cock feels like against these leggings?" I manage to say "I'm happy to oblige" and rub against her. She says "God, I love the feeling of these pants" (they're leggings, but I'm not about to correct her!) and of course I did too. Then she says "We're both liking this too much, I'd better get out of these before something happens."

The rest, you will have to guess. :)

Today, I came home for lunch and didn't go back to work until late...because my wife asked nicely if I could stay. ;) This time it was more about pleasing her, which I was more than happy to, but the fact that she's in the mood the very next day is something else for her! Now, this is what I call a professional development day!! :)

I can't wait until Saturday for the party - my daughter is overnighting at her Aunt's house! :D

Re: Spandex improves lives!

PostPosted: Wed Dec 02, 2009 4:57 pm
by Lycrafan2004
great! I wish you much fun at the party and with her ( at the party and at home, of course!) :D You're really a lucky one!

Re: Spandex improves lives!

PostPosted: Wed Dec 02, 2009 6:11 pm
by taurus8
Thanks. I have to agree! And, she's going for a personal best - this lunch hour will make it 3 days in a row...never happened in 7 years of marriage! (even counting the honeymoon) :)

Re: Spandex improves lives!

PostPosted: Tue Jan 12, 2010 3:55 pm
by shinyspandexlover
so you have to pretend like your not obsessed with the shiny pants and that they just look sexy... then they will wear them and play with you in them? Pretend like its not a huge deal to have them wear them and they will?

thats think a woman would just want to fulfill all her man's desires because its what he loves...

I find that every girl that finds out how much I like the shiny pants on them end up hating the shiny spandex pants and refuse to ever put them on....

anyone have the same luck?

Re: Spandex improves lives!

PostPosted: Tue Jan 12, 2010 4:40 pm
by Lycrafan2004
How was the Party? What has she worn and you?
Has she modelled again for you? How did the story go on?

Re: Spandex improves lives!

PostPosted: Tue Jan 12, 2010 11:24 pm
by leggingslover
Yes spandex sure does improve lives!!!!

Re: Spandex improves lives!

PostPosted: Mon Jun 25, 2012 7:01 pm
by taurus8
Wow...forgotten I'd posted this in the beginning. Update - she still has those pants, and wears them very occasionally under a long sweater. It's usually our secret code meaning "if all goes well, you're gonna get lucky tonight!". She gets compliments on them whenever she wears them - they make her look taller than her height (5'1").

She's also expanded the repetoire to include shiny & tight cotton/spandex shorts. Last week she wore them to bed with nothing else (and didn't let me know) and just before I was falling asleep she moves over to my side of the bed and ensures that her bum is rubbing against my cock and after just a minute says "Mmmmm...a good cock is hard to find, but a hard cock is good to find." I continue the movement after removing my shorts and slowly and gently touching her chest with one hand and her hip with the other, taking control of the motion (which I know from the past she likes). I say "I don't want to stop". "Then don't" she says. And the invevitable happens, first me, she says "oh god, don't stop!" then it's her turn, and then after she rises from the bed and cleans herself and changes into other bedclothes says "sorry but I didn't have the energy to give you the full-meal-deal. Was that enough?" "Oh yes, absolutely" I reply. "Now I'm the one lacking energy". :mrgreen: "You can do that for me anytime!"

I would say we have built it in to our sex life into at the very least a once a month thing, which is great and very satisfying for us. She asked me politely if I could get something me to wear that was "Silky" but the sensation would be for her, and I told her to pick out whatever she liked. She picked some boxer shorts - 100% Polyester that are shiny and have a picture of a Pontiac Firebird on them(!) So, it's definitely part of the repetoire for us.

Our only stumbling block...we do have a 9 year old child that we must "navigate" around (those who have kids will know this all too well) so sometimes plans for a "rendevous" go awry, but that's all part of it. Thankfully she does have playdates and sleepovers at friends more often now. ;)

All in all, after 12 years of marriage, our life, sex and otherwise is as good if not better than before.

But it all comes down to speaking up and telling your partner what you prefer. There are times I'm disappointed when she's too tired, but that's all part of it. I've come to accept that men want it more often than women do.