when your girlfriend brings you closer than ever

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when your girlfriend brings you closer than ever

Postby spandexandleather » Wed Dec 09, 2009 6:53 pm

This is a true story, of something my girlfriend and I did once...... let me begin

My girlfriend loves lycra, and especially zentai suits, and on one occasion she discovered a custom lycra manufacturers, they are local, so she phoned up for an appointment for a measure up, with me aswell, her vision was a two person zentai type suit, she had told the people there it was an unusual request but thats what she wanted.

Beforehand she had gone to a dancewear shop and bought an xxxl leotard, and having gone to the factory with me, she asked if there was a changing room, she said to me to strip naked and have intercourse, and then pull the leotard over the two of us, great we are having sex, I thought, and we waddled over to the staff member who took our measurements, the design was drawn up, basically a very very large zentai, with holes in the head part for one of us...me to see out of, and a single zip up the back for access. now we were having agood time in the leotard, it felt incredible, and we decided to waddle back and undress, and save our passion for later.

2 weeks passed and the call came to say it was ready for us, off we went, and we collected the super suit, it was wetlook black and very shiny indeed. We rushed home, got ready for the suit, but pulling the leotard over our bodys, adjusting the straps, and then climbing into the suit, now we had a option, one person could wear the arms, the other could arouse the other whilst inside, we closed the zip up, and let the fun begin, in the mirror it looked like a very large person was there, an idea jumped into the girlfriends mind, her friend who is of large size, had a size 30 leather coat, which was to go to the charity shop, forget that she thought, lets try it over the suit, it looked lovely.

We still do this every weeknd, and have pics for you to see at some point, now how does your girlfriend bring you close, you putting you in a catsuit, and having passion with you :shock:


Re: when your girlfriend brings you closer than ever

Postby pakaian_ketat » Fri Dec 11, 2009 3:40 am

great story :) :)

btw, mm still cant imagined that custom suit look like:?: would be great if u can upload the picture ;)

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Re: when your girlfriend brings you closer than ever

Postby spandexandleather » Fri Dec 11, 2009 9:11 pm

a second part follows

My girlfriend has a lady friend who is into kinky things, she came round earlier, and was interested in the suit, she asked if her and my girlfriend could try it too, so she comes round, with all sorts of 'gear', the fun begins with a few items for arousal being added, including a strap-on, and some vibrating butt plugs for each of them. 2 girls having intercourse with a strap-on that looks good, add to that the leotard, and some leggings, and finally the suit going over the top of them.

The leather coat was added to that, for an hour I watched the love of my life and her friend, have lesbian style fun, the moans from inside sounded great. to anyone who had just turned up it looked like a large lady in Lycra had turned up, and was pleasuring herself, from inside the suit my girlfriend asked to be realeased, which I duly did, she was dripping with sweat, but she wasn't finished yet.

Unbeknown to me she had bought some wetlook Lycra from a shop, a sleepsack aswell, and a lycra straitjacket, her friend wanted to try things out, so I helped her out of the get up, and dressed her in the lycra items, the straitjacket, and finally the sleepsack, and flicked the switches on her toys, she said let me out in an hour.

meanwhile I had a treat, the girlfriend had dressed up as Sandie from Grease, and wanted us to go into the suit together......

The one that I want you bet she was.....

Her friend was released and took pictures of us in our garments, uploads to follow next year!!! enjoy


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