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a nice tale for BBW fans

PostPosted: Wed Dec 23, 2009 7:14 pm
by spandexandleather
Are we sitting comfortably.....

Lets begin, since our last spandex adventure, my lovely girlfriend and I have taken it further, the other day the suit ventured outside, we did our usual set up, Leotard, Intercourse, pull suit on, and seal up for fun. But this occasion was fun, I did anal on her, so that we could be facing the same direction, and being the same height, I let her head be on show, outside the hood, I hid behind her back sealed inside, the extra large leather coat went on, and we ventured into the garden, I was the ladies arms, so in effect was wearing the coat, with her inside, luckily it has a funnel neck to hide any extra bits, her blonde hair falls down the back so anyone wouldn't know any better. we had some pics taken which we hope to share at some point. I keep rubbing her breasts through th ecoat and she had a orgasm, which restricted lycra is incredible.

We stayed like this for 3 hours until she said lets get out of the get up, and she did a turn as Sandy from grease for me.

we plan to spend boxing day in the suit again, more adventures will follow, and I have a special little something for her to wear underneath when we got into the depths of our new Big Woman suit!!! lets say wetlook to turn me on!!!

Happy Christmas to all you spandex fans out there!!!