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After gympresentation ALMOST CUM on cyclingshorts!!

PostPosted: Mon Nov 15, 2010 10:15 pm
by rick12345

There is a girl in this youtube movie. At the beginning, performing act at the right sight wearing red tshirt and black shiny bikeshorts. We are all members of a gymnastic school.
The girl with the red tshirt; her name is anne. This utube movie is 2 years old now. I was THAT close of getting an orgasm on her shiny tights.
I was in the public, watching her, and after the performance my mother gave us a ride home. She would stay at my place for about 4 hours before her parents would come and get he. She was still wearing her gymclothes, and we watched a movie at my place. she was sitting on the coach first, wearing her versy shiny bikeshorts. I was able to touch them unnoticed.... we talk and made fun. Later on she sit on my cross watching the movie and I was really having a hard time not to get a massive boner. I was wearing normal shorts, and felt her warm ass sitiing on my. Later that day she was sitting on my bed and we talked about a lot of stuff ; schoolmatters. I was on my back, when she decided to sit on me... THIS was INCREDIBLE. I looked into her cross, and my face was red...
My DREAM came true, these shorts were really really shiny , when she sit on my she pulled down her tight legs, showing how elastic this short was...
She was pulling down my shorts ans sit on my underwear... she noticed I liked it, because, I got a boner. She was shy and told me oke, whats wrong, ??!
I wanted to ask her to stay in this position for a while (I would get a cumshot) ; her PHONE went up ringing. She gave me a kiss and went down for her parents to drive her home.

This really happends.
Sorry for my english

Re: After gympresentation ALMOST CUM on cyclingshorts!!

PostPosted: Tue Nov 16, 2010 7:24 pm
by jack
and what happened after that? nothing?

Re: After gympresentation ALMOST CUM on cyclingshorts!!

PostPosted: Thu Nov 18, 2010 2:01 pm
by rick12345
jack wrote:and what happened after that? nothing?

She never asked me about why I was having a boner. She doesnt know it was because of her body in these very shiny pants.
I also discovered my fetish for lycra that day...! She gave me a handjob allready, but I didnt trie to ask her to put on her pants again.... :)
I allready took her pants out of the washingback, and cum on it. I had a major cumshot on it. That was really nice. But now I want to have her put on the pants again.... while sitting on me :D
how to tell her the truth??? She can also react different to my fetish, not wearing these pants anymore!!!!