Merry xmas to me

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Merry xmas to me

Postby turbo77 » Sun Dec 26, 2010 4:05 am

Im a huge black leggings fan, it drives me crazy when they shine when light hits it. My gal cant stand wearing them, only wears them if she has to like with a dress. I worked today and this new co worker wore brand spanking new black leggings, she was a bit thick, large thighs, not much of a butt but a cute camel toe. I try not to stare too much, I love my girlfriend too much but I couldnt get my co workers shiny leggings out of my mind. Im off at 1, my gal stops by at 4, were xmas celebration bound at my folks place, she hops out of her truck and to my surprise is wearing a cute causal sweater, scraf and nice black leggings, the sweater hardly covers her butt and front. She after years of dating she never wears leggings without a dress. So Im extra nice to her, we go to party and I cant keep my eyes off her in her leggings (not to mention she had ugg boots on also) We've all stared at a chick wearing leggings, spandex maybe a jogger perhaps, but its extra cool when your gal wears it as a fashion statement when you didnt expect it. We get home, relax after a long night and I couldnt get my hands off her round butt, I was getting naughty, I bit her legs and ass, dumped my face in her butt, even played with her camel, wow these were things I only imagine doing when I see a jogger or random lady in leggings. Here Iam, dream come true and my gal is digging it. Merry Christmas to me=)

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Postby Stevencom » Thu Nov 26, 2020 10:31 pm

Ive just got back from Uni, so just saying Merry Xmas to yall. Youll only have two weeks of my posting until I return back to base, but Merry Xmas to all the guys I know, and also to those of ya I daint.
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