The Leotard Run

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The Leotard Run

Postby Leotardstories » Fri Jul 01, 2011 9:03 am

(Hi all, please enjoy this spandex story I wrote, will be adding more parts soon!)

The Leotard Run
Part I

Lucy was 21, fresh out of university and into the wide world. She was fairly petite, a slim body with small pert breasts and a tight butt. Her face was plain, along with her long straight chestnut hair. She had always hated her looks, and was envious of her friends with their large breasts and curvaceous butts.

Soon after leaving university she moved into an apartment in the city, but searching for a job proved impossible. As the weeks when on she became more and more desperate: it seemed like nobody was hiring. With the rent due, Lucy was desperate for money.

Around that time, she had begun chatting to a guy online. His name was Peter, and he told her he was a photographer. After chatting a few times, Lucy began to tell Peter about her money troubles.

Peter told her he could help get Lucy some work, as a model for a website he worked for. Lucy was so happy, she skipped around her apartment. She didn’t even think what the job would entail, maybe modeling clothing? Either way she was just happy to get some money, and arranged to meet Peter the next day at his house.

The next day Lucy woke early. She straightened her brown hair, plucked her eyebrows, shaved her legs and even put on some makeup (something she never did normally). She stood in front of the mirror, and when she was finally happy pulled on her jeans and hoodie and went to catch the bus to where Peter lived.

Peter’s house wasn’t far, and Lucy nervously approached the front door and rang the bell. The door opened and there stood Peter. He was much different than what Lucy had imagined: he was much older than her, at least forty or fifty, with a balding head and fat belly.

‘Wow, Lucy honey,’ he said with a grin, eyeing her up and down, ‘you look even prettier in real life!’ He laughed and reached his arms round to hug her, sliding his hand up and down her back as he did.
‘Thank you,’ Lucy replied nervously, blushing slightly.
Peter led her inside the house. ‘Come this way, the clothes are upstairs.’
Lucy was led up a stairway and then into a bare room. The only piece of furniture was a table, on which was a bundle of clothes.
‘Now,’ said Peter, ‘did I explain to you what the website is about?’
‘N-not really,’ Lucy said. ‘Is it modeling clothes?’
‘In a way,’ Peter said, winking at her. ‘It’s a website with videos and photos of beautiful girls, like yourselves, dressed in special outfits.’

He picked up the clothing that was on the table and let Lucy see. In his right hand hung a blue spandex leotard, and a tiny one that. It must have been a child’s size, maybe for a five or six year old. In his other hand were a pair of thick black tights, the same type Lucy had worn to school every day as part of her uniform.

‘Um, are we doing a workout video?’ Lucy asked nervously.
‘Kind of,’ Peter said with a grin. ‘I’ll leave you to put these on, then we’ll start the shoot.’
He handed her the leotard and tights, then left the room. Lucy stared at the clothes. What was she getting herself into? She decided to at least try them on.

First she stripped naked. Then she began pulling the black tights up her legs, right first then left, sliding the material over her smooth legs and up round her waist. She then stepped into the leotard and pulled it up over her body. It was incredibly tight, pushing against her body and ass. She had to pull her hardest to get the straps up and over her shoulders.

She also realized how revealing the leotard was: the front was low cut, pressing down on her pert breasts, and it also scooped down at the back to reveal her back. The worst part she quickly discovered was that the leotard had a thong back. It rode up between her buttocks, and also caused the tight material to reveal her clit. A ‘camel toe’ she had heard one of her friends call it.

Lucy stood in the outfit, looking down at herself. What sort of modeling was this? Exercise clothes? She thought about pulling the tight outfit off there and then, but then remembered how desperate she was for the money. She sighed and decided to stick it out.
Peter came back into the room and smiled when he saw her wearing the leotard and tights. ‘Wow, Lucy, you look amazing! Perfect!’ He circled her, reaching out to gently stoke her stomach and then butt. She shuddered as he touched her, but kept thinking of the money.

‘So do you have a studio?’ she asked.
‘Actually,’ he said, ‘today we’ll be shooting at another location. Is that ok?’
‘Um, I guess so.’

Peter handed her a pair of trainers, the same colour blue as her leotard. She slid them on and he led her back down the stairs. As she passed the coatrack, Lucy picked up the coat she had been wearing when she arrived, and gladly put it on to cover the revealing leotard. They went out to Peter’s car, Lucy shivering in the cold.

He drove her a few miles, and they arrived at a big park. It was a Sunday so it was busy, people walking dogs, kids playing, teenagers meeting their friends. Peter parked the car and turned to Lucy.

‘Ok Lucy, so here is what is going to happen. We’re going to shoot a couple of videos today. The first is going to be you having a little jog round the park, ok?’
‘Wearing this?’ Lucy said in shock. ‘In public?’
Peter nodded. ‘Yes. You just jog along and I’ll follow with the camera filming it. The guys who visit our website love to see a pretty young girl out in public wearing such a cute outfit.’
Lucy started to shake with nerves. She would have to run out in public, wearing this? With everybody staring at her? Again she considered not doing it, but then she remembered the money.

‘Don’t worry baby you’ll be great,’ Peter said. He picked up his video camera and stepped out of the car. ‘Now take off your coat and start when you’re ready hun. And don’t jog too fast, remember I’m filming!’

Lucy sighed. She slowly stepped out of the car. People were walking by on the path, but nobody looked at her. Slowly she removed her coat, placed it in the car, and began to jog.
The cold air chilled her body, her nipples harderd through the spandex material of the leotard. As her legs moved, the material rode even tighter up her ass. She jogged along the path and immediately people began looking at her, some just glancing, others staring. Her face turned red as a gang of teenage boys on a bench laughed and jeered.

‘Great baby’ she heard Peter say behind her. She continued to jog along the path. Up ahead, a group of old men sat on a pair of benches. They watched her jog towards them, oogling her young body in the tight material, and as she passed one of them slapped her butt. She winched but carried on moving.

‘Great Lucy, that’s great!’ Peter said. ‘Actually, hold it there!’
Lucy stopped in the middle of the path, people still passing by and staring at her strange outfit, then men’s eyes over her ass and breasts. She folded her arms over her chest, trying to give herself some dignity.
Peter jogged up beside her, still filming with the small video-camera he was holding. ‘Good work Lucy, you look amazing. In our videos we like to chat to people as well, kind of an interview. So follow me.’

He turned and started walking back in the direction they had come, towards the two benches where the old pervy men were still sitting. Lucy followed him. As they saw her coming back, the old men began to jeer and stare again. She saw they were probably tramps, dressed in ragged clothing with wild grey hair and pale skin.

‘Hey guys,’ Peter said to them. ‘We’re just doing a video. Do you mind chatting with my friend Lucy here for a bit?’
‘Sure,’ said the old man who had slapped her ass before. He smiled and licked his dry lips as Lucy nervously stood nearby.
‘Come on Lucy, go sit with them,’ Peter said, pointing the camera back at her. ‘You can sit on this guy’s lap.’

To be continued…

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The Leotard Run

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