Wrestling Girls: Part 3 - Ding Ding Ding

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Wrestling Girls: Part 3 - Ding Ding Ding

Postby mwcooper » Fri Jun 22, 2012 7:42 pm

Both women strode towards the center of the ring; one with fear and trepidation, the other with confidence and strength. Pressing their breasts together, as they had been taught to do by the Mistress; Ember gaze down into Tracey’s eyes. “How do you like my request to change the rules, rook?”

Tracey trembled slightly, fear and anxiety building inside her. The butterflies in her stomach went into overdrive and she was afraid she might belch out a monarch if she responded; so she stood silently, attempting a feigned air of confidence. She had heard many a story of Ember from the other girls. Ember was ruthless. She would do anything to win a match and had done as much to defeat the previous champion. She had reportedly beaten the girl to a pulp and she hasn’t been seen since. She must have tortured her so badly that she was put in the hospital and possibly rehab for months now. Tracey’s small attempt at inner strength was soon shattered by a vicious slap to her right cheek that crumpled her to the mat. Her eyes involuntarily welled up with tears at the stinging contact. She could feel the heat in her cheek as Ember left a quickly growing reddened handprint. Tracey pushed herself up with one hand, her legs bent beside her.

Ember pounced. She had originally been briefly conflicted as to whether or not she should just end the match quickly or let it drag out for a bit. Each option had it’s plus side. Ending it quick and fast would show everyone her ability to dismantle the young girl. She would earn additional respect from the audience and other girls in doing so. However, dragging the match out would provide her and the audience with entertainment. It would also allow for her to practice some moves she had been meaning to try out. Plus, it would just be plain fun to humiliate this little rookie. Who cares about earning respect for ending it quickly? She’d earn just as much, if not more, from torturing the poor girl. Fear was just as good as respect.

Tracey moaned loudly and yelped as Ember crossed Tracey’s legs, barring them with her right. Ember’s arms snaked their way under Tracey’s armpits and locked fingers between the young girl’s shoulder blades. Her upper arms forced Tracey’s chin into her own chest. A perfect figure four foldover armbar. The braided blonde grit her teeth tightly as Ember cinched the hold in with all her strength. Tracey swore she was trying to dislocate her shoulders with the force she was applying. Wait, that would be the point wouldn’t it? This was no fake pro-wrestling show on TV. This was the real thing. Girls in this league fought for real. No punches were pulled, no holds faked. The injuries were real. Tracey involuntarily waved her hands each time Ember tensed up, her arms wrenched and pulled from their sockets.

The audience seemed to love every second of Ember’s quick start and Tracey’s pain. Some winced but the majority applauded and cheered like wild animals drawn to the scent of blood. Men in business suits jumped from their seats as the women began their battle. Many of the spectators placed bets - undoubtedly the majority of bets were placed on the Champ; wads of cash clenched in their fists.

Growing bored with having kept Tracey locked in the same hold for almost two minutes; Ember opted to switch to something new. She had just punished her arms and kept her from escaping, she wanted something different. Cat-like, Ember released her grip and dropped her hands to the dirty, sweat stained mat. Planting firmly and quickly, her hands acted as supports when she threw her right leg over Tracey’s head and fell on her side - trapping her opponent in a vice-like head scissor.

“Ugh-guh-ahh...” Tracey felt the full power of Ember’s thighs as they constricted her head and bore down on her skull. “Oh God, oh God. It hurts so much! My head is going to pop! My eyeballs are going to explode!” were the only thoughts that ran through her head as her fingers attempted to pry Ember’s legs free. Not a chance. Ember’s scissors were locked in and the Champ was already beginning to enjoy herself.

“You and I are going to have SOOOO much fun tonight, lil’ one.” Ember tightened and relaxed her thigh muscles, over and over; watching the novice gasp in pain with each compression of her cranium. Tracey wanted to scream out in pain that she submits but it would not matter in a match of this sort. Submissions were not allowed, only the specter of unconsciousness; and Tracey had a gut feeling that Ember was not going to let that visit soon enough.

Ember wrapped her hand with Tracey’s braid, pulling hard on it, forcing the young woman’s face into her nylon and spandex clad crotch. The moistening forbidden fruit grinding into Tracey’s face in a humiliating gesture from the Champ. “Oh, soooo much fun,” Ember stated as her head tilted, a sultry breath escaping her lips as she slowly pressed her pelvis forward and back, grinding into Tracey’s face.

Tracey struggled weakly as she could feel her energy and consciousness beginning to slip. Was it going to be over so quickly? Perhaps it was for the best, Ember would have her way with her if the match continued. The pain resonating through her head with each flex of the Champ’s thigh muscles, the painful pulling of her hair, and the lack of oxygen by having her nose and mouth shoved into Ember’s pubic region was taking it’s toll. Her legs kicked weakly as she fought to maintain awareness. Unfortunately, Ember took notice of this and, wrapping her arms around Tracey’s flailing legs, began pinching the inner thigh near her groin. This served to rouse the weakening girl. The attack on the sensitive area was more than enough to get Tracey’s legs going in a frantic attempt to escape. Her eyes widened in pain as they glared up into the eyes of the woman controlling her.

“Just look at those pretty eyes,” taunted Ember. “Are you gonna start to cry, lil’ one?”

Tracey fought valiantly against Ember’s deadly embrace but knew it was futile. In one last attempt, Tracey slid her right hand over Ember’s nylon clad thigh to her rear, grasping the perfectly formed cheek in her hand.

“Oh!” Ember exclaimed. “I could end up liking that, but I’m afraid now’s not the time.”

Ember’s taunt was short-lived as Tracey’s thumb found it’s way under her thong. Tracey’s fingers wrapped around the thin strip of spandex and, viciously, she forced it upwards. The material slid as far as between Ember’s cheeks as the tights would allow. It was enough to cause a yelp to escape from the Champ.

Ember quickly released her hold and pushed herself away; her suit making it easy to slide over the mat. Almost as quickly, she was on her feet, stalking her weakened foe who was fighting to regain her composure and had barely made her way to her knees. Ember took her time to adjust her suit. The uncomfortable wedgie had not only worked it’s way between her cheeks but also created a massive camel toe. Not a becoming nor comfortable thing to have in the ring. She then began raining kicks and stomps into the rookie’s abdomen, sending her onto her back and leaving her completely vulnerable.

To be continued...
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