Wrestling Girls: Part 4 - Darkness

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Wrestling Girls: Part 4 - Darkness

Postby mwcooper » Mon Jun 25, 2012 6:43 pm

**The end of Tracey vs. Ember. The rest of the story can be followed on the site in my signature, as I do want to post stories that do not include spandex to this forum. This is only the first part of a larger story. Please feel free to leave me your thoughts and comments.**

The downed girl instinctively rolled into a fetal position. She tried to protect her head and abdomen by curling into a ball. The blows rained down, over and over. Ember had become furious and was intent to hurt this girl for good. Tracey barely fought back tears as each stomp sent pain through her body in waves. It was almost rhythmic. Each kick and stomp almost evenly spaced apart, like the kick of a bass drum. The pain washed over her body like the long strums of a guitar. It was a musical of violence and anger.

The champion had long been known to have anger management issues and she used it to her advantage in the ring. She was the most brutal of the twenty-three young women who lived and worked at the factory. She credits it for getting her to where she is. There was a high turnover rate when Ember was involved.

Ember dropped to her knees, straddling her downed opponent, and flipped her onto her belly. Sitting on the small of Tracey’s back, Ember fought to get one of the young woman’s arms draped over an outstretched knee. The other arm soon followed, placed over the other knee. Ember’s fingers locked beneath Tracey’s chin. A camel clutch. Ember strained with all her might. She leaned back as far as she could, muscles tensing in her thighs as she fought against Tracey’s attempt to straighten her arched back. Tracey wailed in pain as her body almost folded over in the opposite direction it was meant to. Screams escaped her with each wrench on her chin. Her neck arched at a peculiar angle, not at all normal.

Slowly, Ember’s fingers worked their way into Tracey’s mouth, pulling her cheeks apart as she tensed her hold. A muffled “mmmph-gah” came from deep inside the beaten girl. She knew she had lost the match even before it started. She hadn’t known who her opponent was to be, but seeing Ember stepping out from behind the doors sent a shocking chill through her body and goosebumps had formed on her perfect body. The only question Tracey had now was how long her punishment at the hands of the Champ was going to last? How would Ember choose to end the match? What would she use to cause the knock out? This couldn’t end soon enough.

The audience ate it up. They loved Ember and she loved the attention. She released the left side of Tracey’s mouth, causing her victim’s head to turn to the right due to the fish hooked index finger still lodged inside. Ember smiled and waved to the men in the audience, blowing an occasional kiss at gentlemen she recognized. Each man she acknowledged reacted with attempts to maintain that attention or gain an introduction later during the evening’s after party. One man with steely blue eyes, dark brown hair, and a sharp business suit caught her eye. He wasn’t one of the ones who made outward attempts to gain her affections. He stood, silent and unmoving. His eyes not leaving hers, arms folded before him. Oh, she’ll be seeing more if him later tonight.

She turned her attention back to the girl beneath her. Ember had more reason to impress now. She slammed the young woman’s head into the mat. Tracey moaned loudly and tried to push Ember from her but the torture she had endured so far had weakened her almost to the point of defeat. It seemed as if the only part of her brain working at the moment was the area that relayed pain. Oh, how she wished she could shut that part off.

Ember flipped Tracey onto her back. Sliding her body over Tracey’s, Ember locked her ankles across her victim’s chest, Tracey’s arm trapped between grey thighs. Ember’s fingers grasped and dug into her wrists.

Tracey found herself trapped in an armbar. Ember pulled and thrust her pelvis upwards, sending pain through Tracey’s body. She could feel her shoulder pulling further from it’s socket with each pull and thrust. Screaming, the shoulder finally dislocated, taking on a strange appearance and flopping lifelessly when Ember dropped it only to switch to a schoolgirl pin.

Fists rained down on her as Ember sat astride on Tracey’s chest. Left, right, left, right. A flurry of blows aimed at her face. Bruising and welts began to show, quickly followed by a slow trickle of blood that began at the corners of her mouth. The slow trickle soon became a metallic taste on Tracey’s tongue. She gagged as the taste slid down her throat. It gurgled and bubbled over her lips with each blow. Red spittle flew from her mouth as Ember’s fury drove each fist harder and harder into the young woman’s face. “Please let this end,” Tracey begged in her head. No part of her body worked at this point. She was a ragdoll at the mercy of her opponent. A plaything for Ember. Tracey lost track of time and space; all she knew was the pain that continued to crash over her in waves. This was no contest, no match. It was a beating. A beating that Tracey never had a chance of winning.

Ember, tired and glistening with a sheen of perspiration, allowed the blows to slow to a stop. Tired and ready to end the spectacle, she slid off the barely moving girl, pushing her into a seated position. Ember knelt behind her unmoving body and snaked her arms around her, the left under Tracey’s chin, the right coming up along the right side of Tracey’s cheek and grasping top of her head. Her left hand locked with her right elbow. A sleeper hold. It was time to put and end to it.

Tracey could not put up a fight any longer. She was exhausted and barely held onto consciousness as it was. The sleeper hold worked it’s magic quickly. Tracey’s legs slowly moved across the mat, her right arm made a reflexive attempt to reach back towards Ember’s head but soon dropped. Ember kept the hold on, grimacing with the force she applied to cut off the flow of blood through Tracey’s carotid artery. Tracey’s legs soon stopped moving. Her eyes opened for a brief second, her pupils rolling back as her lips let out a small burst of air. Darkness washed over her. She welcomed the darkness at this point. It brought relief and an end. An end she so desperately wanted.
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