Reflections on a Spandex-obsessed Life

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Reflections on a Spandex-obsessed Life

Postby boom » Tue Aug 21, 2007 5:13 am

It was through watching Power Rangers as a little boy that I first learned how to masturbate. There was something about those spandex warriors that tingled the nest betwixt my legs. The strongest sensations came especially when they were writhing on the floor, after being owned by the bad guys. Yes, it was back in the days of the third grade. After watching fair amount of these shows, I could hold it no longer--I went into my room, hopped on the bed, and had my first orgasm.
The snow ball soon turned into an avalanche as I began masturbating almost everyday. First on Power Rangers, and then on other spandex-clad superheroes, such as Ultraman and Kamen Rider. Even though I loved the sight of struggling superheroes in spandex, I hated (or at least pretended to hate) spandex in real life. All my clothes were over-sized, for I loved the feeling of freedom: feeling the wind brushing against my skin. Every time my sister wore spandex shorts, I would act revolted and pass remarks like "Gross! Why would you wear something so tight like that?!" Perhaps, unconsciously, this was a tactic to conceal my spandex fetishism. Other than the above, I can't remember much about this epoch except the fact that I was a contented wanker.
This trend continued until I hit puberty, where I started noticing the opposite sex. The increased load of testosterone caused several things to happen. First, my overt hatred of spandex began to diminish while my covert love of tights ballooned. Although many a time I thanked God for the privilege of wearing loose swim-trunks, deep inside my heart I envied those girls, frolicking at the pool with their tight little swim suits. Secondly, my fetish grew to include clothes of a certain type of material--mostly sports-related material: the ones that are soft and sweat-absorbent. Again, in public, I pretended to loathe such clothing. However, when locked inside my room, a metamorphosis occurred. Many a time I would masturbate wearing my P.E. clothes. Perhaps these clothes were my substitute for spandex (which I had none of).
Before moving on, I must make something clear. One must not adopt the belief that my inner life was 100 % pro-spandex. I would say it was more like 75 % pro-spandex. The other 25 % absolutely detested it. And this “other personality” emerged on the split-second orgasm concluded. To this day I am still flabbergasted by this phenomenon. Right after that sweet orgasm, like the Hulk I am transformed into a different person. The lustful scales on my eyes fall off, I see myself on the mirror, and am totally disgusted by what I see. Violently taking off my lust-inducing clothes, I drop on my knees and-- with a solemn vow never to repeat what I’ve done --ask God for forgiveness.
One day when I was home alone, I snuck into my sister’s room and rummaged her wardrobe. In it I found the jackpot: a neon-green, one-piece swimsuit. I tried it on. And, by Jove, the experience was incredible! I had never felt such tightness in my life: I half-believed that the swim-suit was going to rip due to the extreme tightness. The thought ran through my mind: “I’ve got to have one of these.” A few days afterwards I convinced my sister to let me borrow the suit for a “catapult experiment.” That old suit and I fulfilled a load of dirty, sexual fantasies which I am not going to mention here. My spree, however, did not end there. I’ve worn a swim suit in the bathroom of my friend’s house (it belonged to his sister), my mom’s swim suit, and my sister’s spandex ballet tank top. There were several embarrassing moments when I almost got caught, but none too significant and all negligible in the big picture.
Next came the discovery of the internet, which came naturally due to scholarly research projects and the popularization of internet chat. Here my testosterone found a whole oil mine to gather fuel from. The gamut runs from ballerinas to wetsuits to Charlie’s Angels. Wetsuits and rash guards became particular favorites, for here I saw a gleam of hope in obtaining FULL-COVERAGE spandex. You must remember that the Power Rangers wore full-coverage spandex: this was a dream come true. The winter was dawning, and since I was in the swim team it would be acceptable for me to acquire a wetsuit and rash guard for aquatic endurance. Well, at least that’s how I convinced my parents to allow my purchase.
One time, a friend of mine wanted to make a Power Rangers parody video with me. Since I have a somewhat humorous personality, he goaded me to be main Power Ranger and insisted that I buy a pair of tights. A socially humiliating proposition, I initially rejected the role. However, as the weeks passed, his persistent orders finally toppled the bulwark. I “grudgingly” went over to the mall and bought a pair of lady’s leggings. In order to avoid embarrassment, I took the trouble in recanting the whole Power Rangers video incident to the sales lady. Little did I know that these cotton-based leggings were to be my favorite spandex article. Unlike the harsh, tough material of swim suits and rash guards, or the bulky and immobile wetsuit, these little panties fit so perfectly and comfortably. Not only that: during the winter they provided such luscious warmth, making me wish I had upper-body coverage of the same material. My family shockingly discovered the fact that I wore women’s leggings when I stuffed them in the clothes washer (hey, I’ve got to wash them). But, as with the sales lady, all suspicion subsided upon hearing the tale of the Power Rangers video.
One day, when I was home alone, I decided to take a swim with my rash guard and wetsuit. It had been a while since I’d worn them…and I dreaded the day I would outgrow my hard-won wetsuit. Since I had grown fatter over the holidays, I wasn’t taken off-guard by the increased difficulty of getting inside the suit. However, as I zipped by self up, the slider popped open! Alarmed, I frantically yanked the pull tab down, but it wouldn’t budge! I was stuck inside the wetsuit, and my parents would arrive home soon. “This could be the most embarrassing day of my life.” The wetsuit caused the heat to increase, and my body began sweating profusely. Writhing around the dusty ground, trying to fix the hard-to-reach zipper, I could feel my spandex-clad body soaking wet (the spandex referring to the rash guard beneath the wetsuit). Here, a sudden and strange association occurred in my mind. I was like the Power Ranger of my childhood, squirming frantically on the floor in the culmination of a mishap. Right then and there, I grabbed my penis and masturbated till completion. The 25 % of my inner self awoke, sweeping me with a rage so strong that I was able to yank off and break the pull tab of the wetsuit.
A strong determination to put an end to this secret spandex life possessed me. The next day, I packed every spandex article I owned and threw them into a huge garbage bin behind a nearby medical office. You can tell, by the fact that I’m writing in this forum, that the struggle with spandex fetishism is long from over. I envy women because they don’t have to deal with this sex beast that rages within us men. A coward like me could only look on to the future and hope that someday, somehow, peace will be found.

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johnsonjack87 (Wed Sep 14, 2011 7:16 pm)
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Re: Reflections on a Spandex-obsessed Life

Postby sdapp » Thu Aug 30, 2007 12:31 am

thanks for the story, for sharing. This is really interesting to read, i can relate to your feelings and experience! :)

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johnsonjack87 (Wed Sep 14, 2011 7:16 pm)
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Re: Reflections on a Spandex-obsessed Life

Postby secondskin2 » Fri Dec 28, 2007 10:43 am

I had similar pathway, how funny. This combination of pure lust & on the other side guilt. Seeing a nice female body encased in spandex to me is like the color red for a bull. Take care & hope you find gf that goes along!

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johnsonjack87 (Wed Sep 14, 2011 7:17 pm)
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Re: Reflections on a Spandex-obsessed Life

Postby Jamillionaire » Wed Jul 02, 2008 9:38 am

Ha I can also relate, except unfortunately didn't have the sister.

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johnsonjack87 (Wed Sep 14, 2011 7:18 pm)
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Re: Reflections on a Spandex-obsessed Life

Postby DynamicTorque » Tue Sep 01, 2009 6:37 pm

I think we've all had our issues with how we've materialized our interest with lycra/spandex. Maybe it's at a Halloween party, a sibling's waredrobe or some dumb story to a clerk as to why we're buying woman's athletic know, the one you ruined and need to replace of some chick will kill you. :lol:

I checked, the OP is still active on this forum. My advice is to discover the world of men's lycra-based apparel. Plenty of woman feel sexy when they wear some of their stuff....bathing suits, high heels, tight dresses, etc. There's nothing wrong with feeling aroused or sexual when wearing stuff that turns you on. Much of it comes from the association and connection with what we've seen on woman or other situations.

Today men can wear lots of lycra and be well within acceptence. I've never liked the small speedos, but now they have knee-length jammers, cycling shorts, wrestling singlets and even triathlon suits. Let fitness & exercise be your reason for wearing, then get out and enjoy!
Pornographic descriptions of male masturbatory actions are not permitted. Nor are rainbow gerbils.

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johnsonjack87 (Wed Sep 14, 2011 7:18 pm)
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Reflections on a Spandex obsessed Life

Postby KamAngep » Sun Aug 11, 2019 12:04 am

Kneeboarding was my saviour… it’s a way of life. It certainly became a way of life for me, mainly thanks to the support of the truly great friends and the fact that kneeboarding is above all fun….

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