just fantasy

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just fantasy

Postby Blackdog » Tue Feb 05, 2013 10:31 am

Met these two 40 year old nice looking persian women at a bar downtown. They were all dressed up wearing leggings and high heels and lots of make up. They were looking for a good time no relationship and I told the same. I started telling these women how nice they looked and how persian women seem to always dress nice and look good. They were talking about what they do for exercise like doing the eliptical for cardio and doing kick boxing classes and how they both have kids but you can tell because they both have flat stomachs. I couldnt take it I started telling them about my g/f and how she has one kid and her lower stomach kinda bulges and she doesnt exercise. They both were kinda laughing and said is she american. I said yes how did you know. They said thats typical and then she said she blames it on having kids doesnt she. I said yep. This was conversation was definitly getting me aroused. I ended up going home with one of these women and were in the living room and she kicks off her heels and jacket getting comfortable. I started kissing her neck then laying some tongue in her. Then rubbing her breasts and stomach. OMG her body was tighter than the g/fs. I was hard by this time and she had my shirt unbuttoned and rubbing my chest. Ok we are on the carpet and I am rubbing her crotch thru her leggings and I mention how her body is hot and how her stomach is tighter then than my gf. She laughs and says you like that huh. She is rubbing my crotch and unzips my pants and smiles. We strip down and she ends up riding me. As I am watching her tits bouncing and tight stomach I am in ecstacy. We switch to mish postion and I look down and had to kiss her sexy feetand work my way up her legs.. Once again I tell her how her legs and feet are sexier than my g/fs. She laughs and says you really like comparing me to her dont you. I slide into her start fuckingher slow as I wisper in her ear. Just fantasy but I would love to see you beat up my g/f. She wispers back I would kick her in her lower belly would you like that. I said OH UH OH MY AHHHHHHHH and I freaking was pumping as hard as I could with hard thrusts as she was thusting back and yelling AHHHHH UHHHHH. We both began to quiver and shake as we clenched tightly and orgasmed. We cleaned up and showered. She mentions to me how she really enjoyed this but says she did notice how my excitement level went through the roof as she mentioned kicking my g/f. I was kinda embarrassed and said well it wasnt just the kicking it was where you were kicking her too. And she starts to laugh and say I know you did tell me she was soft and bulging down there. As I leave we kiss and she hands me her # and says lets do this again sometime.

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