Spandex: it saves ankles and makes great memories

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Spandex: it saves ankles and makes great memories

Postby lm2501 » Tue Sep 17, 2013 3:43 am

Hey whats up world, this is my first attempted at story telling. A bit of history on me, I freaking love spandex.. like everyone on this site but Im talking about LOVE them on women with curves. I grew up in the 80s born the same year Grease came out so of course I grew up watching it on the telly, the end with Olivia wearing those skin tight disco pants changed me. Since then the sight of shiny pants can change my day. So I have a fiance, been together since 2010, shes cuvry in all the right places especially her butt. While dating I kept my spandex fetish undercover, didnt want to freak her out but our first Xmas that year, she got the fetish blood pumping wearing black leggings around me for the first time. Wow was I loving it, spent a full day containing my boner and when I had time alone end of the night I tore her up, the freak came out :twisted:
So Ive been on forums, porn sites seeing what models wear spandex, even youtube and I got the idea to buy my babe spandex, started off with a pair of black shiny spandex from a dancewear site and she loved them, only wore them around me in house or to work, just so happend at her job they changed her uniform style, they now have to wear this dress that has no style but requires black stockings or leggings under it. So..perfect, I got her more of the spandex and was proud to do so, its heaven for ones gal to have to wear black leggings to work everyday. I made myself extra available to take her to and from work just so I could be naughty and cop a feel or get out of hand and brush my face across her ass when her familia isnt looking :twisted:
Time went on, my fiance always had a problem with her ankles from standing up at work all day and the funny thing is the spandex because how tight they are healed her ankles, she never complain they hurt, so naturally, I ordered more, best $16 ever spent. Things were great but I always wanted her to wear the spandex whenever we go out, but she is always concerned about people starring at her butt, hell yeah there gonna grab alot of attention. So I didnt ask anymore. Last year I was headed to her place to go xmas shopping, I was bringing 2 pairs of spandex with me cause she needed them for work. So i get there and handed her the pairs not even gonna waist time asking her to wear them, I sat waited for her to get ready to shop and she comes out wearing the a pair of the spandex with a cheetah blouse like it aint nothing, Whoa, what happened here. So of course Im saying how good she looks and sweet nothings, its a big difference from her uniform which covers up all the goods and her blouse she has on which shows a little bit of camel toe and half her butt showing. We shop and normally like most guys I hate shopping but Im literly under a spandex covered spell, she asked me anything and Im just a yes man, whipping out my wallet buying whatever.
So we leave the mall going back to her place, the sun shines on her legs and what a beautiful shine with her pants, I rest my hand on there because it feels good, we hit traffic so I get freaky and snake my hand down her pants while driving :twisted: some stroking involved and her softly moaning, totally in another world I dont notice a lifted truck full of college aged geeks is on our right watching our show with smiles and mouths open in amazement, my fiance noticed and whispers were being watched and she slowly removes my wet hand from her pants and smiles at them and we turn left. We smile and laughed all the way home. So we get home, Im thinking nothing but naughty thoughts but her house is full of familia, I even encourage her to keep her outfit on longer, she has the habit of putting on the DREADED SWEAT PANTS...ewww. So after hours of hanging out, I convince her we should go to our secret spot in front of her house to get naughy, its already night time, we have a special spot where the automatic lights can sense us in the dark, she takes my hand and as we walk there my mind thinks of this long awaited moment of finally brushing my cock against spandex... its been a dream of mine. So we're in our spot, i bend her over with the back of her blouse pulled up to reveal all of her booty with the devil in my eyes..maybe a bit of drool and I pull out my cock and start the brushing across her ass, I swear I must have drew out every letter in the alphabet, it felt better then sex which by the way was our intent (doggystyle) but never got around to it cause of the fun I was having, she actually laugh and said '''ahh having fun there babe" I reply, 'fuck yea" Suddenly we see car lights slowly approaching us, it must be her sister coming home...shit. So rather then my fiance turning around and zipping me up like a monster, quickly grinds her ass closer and moves her ass in a up and down clockwise motion and I came all over her ass, felt so good. I zip up and she covers my huge love stains with her blouse. Her sis arrives and I greet her as if I just didnt unload on her sister. That was a day I'll never forget. My fiance every now and then wears outfits with the spandex to tease me but as far as her uniform, spandex is required and that will never get old, shes up for promotion.
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