Body assessed by three babes wearing spandex!

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Body assessed by three babes wearing spandex!

Postby Blue Fox » Sun Nov 03, 2013 10:37 pm

There was a study for runners which was held at a college. Since I'm a runner, I decided to sign up. Once I showed up, there were various stations which had sports science students administrating different tests on the body. They were testing how one walks, runs, strength of the feet, legs, ankles, etc.

Since I had to take off my socks and shoes for the tests, some students administrating the test were also shoe and sockless for demo purposes and there were three student hotties. The first hottie was a dark haired brunette wearing long tight Nike spandex running tights and she was sockless with her bare feet. At first, I thought she was a test study runner, but she told me to go to a room where she put stickers on my feet, so I would get a scan of my feet. I found it relaxing how some brunette hottie wearing tight spandex would handle my bare feet.

At the second test station, I recognized a dirty blonde haired babe who is in the school's track and field team. She told me to sit down on a chair while she was sitting on the floor! She was wearing long tight black Nike running tights and she made me put my bare feet on her thighs which her legs were spread eagle position! I couldn't stop staring at her tights, especially her crotch. She was handling my bare feet while she was sitting down and my feet was just resting on her sexy black spandex tights! She was wearing pink ankle socks that looked a bit dirty, but it was just hot because she was shoeless. She asked me if it was okay to draw marks on my feet, which I told her that it was okay.

The third lady with dark black hair told me to lay down on a bed face down and she had to do strength testing on my feet. She was wearing tight yoga pants and she was handling my bare feet and legs while pushing it to get some stats on the strength of my feet and legs.

It was pleasure to contribute to science while being surrounded by sexy sports science students, and the second lady with the dirty blonde hair made my day!
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