Guys. what do you love to have on?

Talk about wearing spandex, where to buy spandex, and how to care for your spandex collection!
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Guys. what do you love to have on?

Postby leolover80 » Sun Sep 29, 2013 1:49 pm

Hey all,
Seems a little dead around here as of late, but as its almost my fave time fo the year (Halloween!!! so may hot girls in wonderful outfits coming to my door.) I felt like sharing.
I love girls in spandex, thanks so much to the dedicated posters here, but i do enjoy wearing it as well.
and i thought i should share and see what any of you guys and girls might recommend. I know this is a girl focused site but i suspect there are guys that wear it as well/
So any recomendations? anyone worth ordering from?
I'll start by sharing what i've found. don't worry no pics.... unless you pm me for them ;)
soo. first off
these are not great. good shape but after a couple of times under something they start to wear out or pill pretty badly.
The best i have right now is a pair of adidas swim shorts. i can't find them this year but LOVE these things! If i can find more i will order ten!
what ells, well i picked up a pair of these and they are good but only made me wonder what a full body or weataling singlet might be like.... might order one and will keep you updated if you want to know this place,1024.html looks good and i might just order from them.
As for under armour I like it a whole lot. I've got some compression shorts and some underwear. I do like the shorts better but they both stand up to lots of wear.
I have much more to tell but only if this thred catches on. I don't want to offend or earrate anyone.
Please share here is you want!
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Re: Guys. what do you love to have on?

Postby Speedo_Man » Thu Oct 24, 2013 5:35 pm

for me....

1) Racerback competitive swimsuits
2) Kneesuit competitive swimsuits
3) Tri-Suits
4) Running tights
5) Full body swimsuits / catsuits
6) Opaque tights with swimsuit

ie just about anything tight fitting and shiny. I like sporty stuff and always go for female items even when there are male equivalents on the market (eg running tights and tri suits).
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Guys what do you love to have on

Postby GladysSag » Fri Jul 03, 2020 4:49 pm

well i have really bad running and keeping active clears it up.....</p>

or so heard</p>

well yay you run that marathon i will be on your back cherring you the whole way</p>
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Re: Guys. what do you love to have on?

Postby skinsuit » Fri Sep 04, 2020 9:26 pm

Love to have on a spandex fullbody skinsuit with a womens one piece swimsuit acting as leotard overtop.

Also stretchy spandex-infused jeggings are great too. My hairstylist thinks they look fabulous on me.
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Re: Guys. what do you love to have on?

Postby lycratv » Tue Sep 15, 2020 1:24 pm

I'll second the women's speedo swimsuits. any type of cometitive swimwear in combination with a pair of tight under armour running shorts or capri leggings. i love going out and doing a run in them. past that, anything that is tight shiny spandex hooker cloths such as the classic disco pants or shiny clubbing dresses. match those with a bodysuit and thigh high boots or pumps with at least a 5" heel really do it for me.
All hot women should be in shiny spandex. So I'm getting changed into one so I can show off my wardrobe fulltime!
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