Getting your partner to wear lycra/spandex on the sly

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Getting your partner to wear lycra/spandex on the sly

Post by kennedy »

I just wanted to share a couple of tips, and perhaps see if anyone else had any to swap.

So I'm lucky enough to have a beautiful wife who I love very much. Sometimes, she'll even put on a catsuit or a zentai for me, but, it's not really her thing, doesn't do anything for her.
She knows I really like lycra and tight, shiny stuff, but, doesn't really want to wear it that often, and in terms of going to work and everyday life, it's never going to happen.
So, how to keep your lycra levels topped up?
Well, I started buying her some really nice tights/pantyhose from brands like Wolford. Most of these aren't too shiny, but, some have a good sheen. So that helps. She knows they drive me wild, but at the same time for her it's just everyday wear so she's happy wearing them.
I then bought her a couple of bodysuits. These are kind of like leotards, but women wear them as underwear, or like vest tops. Women often wear them coupled with tights, my wife has on underwear, tights/pantyhose over the top, then a bodysuit over that, so she's basically got a spandex suit on. (Ok, it's not visible from the surface, but I get to see her get dressed in it, I know she's got it on all day, AND she says it's really comfortable to wear during winter).

I've got her nice under armour leggings and similar brands for when she goes to the gym. And no, despite asking, leotards in the gym are a no-no these days apparently. (That's just one reason it would have been great to have been partnered up in the 80s!)

I love the photos on this site, spandex leotards and catsuits are some of my favourite images, but it's difficult to convince the ladies to wear them that often. So you need workarounds!!

Anyone else got any workarounds??
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Re: Getting your partner to wear lycra/spandex on the sly

Post by manualguy6 »

So you are talking about a spandexlove potion? It is difficult to 'make her' love it (ideal situation). The best that can happen is that she decides to like it after all. When you force her to try, it may create more aversion. We are talking about the real deal (spandex shiny leotard over shiny pantyhose or spandex tights) - the stuff you don't see normally - and the way she 'wears' it.
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