Picture Shares Rules Disccusion (all subforums)

Discuss the site, what you want to see, real life sightings you wish to share, or just your take on the subject of women in spandex! (and only women in spandex please)
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Picture Shares Rules Disccusion (all subforums)

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Post your questions or comments about the rules here.
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Yo the lot in here!

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Hi everyone, I am very much glad to be this forum! Isolation really enrage... Old fun - forum:D
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Re: Picture Shares Rules Disccusion (all subforums)

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re: Flickr Instagram Facebook Twitter Finds (BE CAREFUL)
I think there should be a little more definition/clarity especially for those newer members and veteran members [who really havent posted much and may start to post more often so technically they are veterans but in essence newbies as posters] regarding what constitutes a paysite and samples from paysites that are allowed to be posted and free yet those photos taken from respective sets from which are not allowed. Also there should be a list of paysites to stay away from altogether. Many many years ago killatron informed me that not even samples from sleeperkids paysite are allowed at all to be posted here :? that was news to me.

I hope our moderators and killatron/TPOWIS admin [owner of this site] can give a list of specific paysites as well as whether a sample or two can be posted and which sites are prohibited entirely [not even samples] as well as a fuull discussion of this topic.

i just found the following examples:
Image Image Image Image Image Image
:arrow: i am sure this 'set' will send alarm bells ringing to the mods :idea: - now after doing some searching he will find that the photos are from rudeboy pictures a photography studio and these are from their https://rudeboymodels.tumblr.com/
but as you can clearly see they have a stamping/watermark/logo resembling a paysite and it sure looks like a set with high quality photography; all the earmarks that these pics are coming from a paysite. :o

I do know the difference since i post so much but for many many others they could easily have posted a real paysite set without knowing the difference and i think this is why a discussion and a comprehensive updated list needs to be established and added to the governing rules for this forum.

a suggestion of mines for those newbies who want to post: You are going to have to really search out sources of photos and by this i mean not other boards similar to this forum. If you are pulling in photos from there and coming back here to post them you are making a mistake and likely will inevitably be posting paysite material at some point. By searching means going to original sources of photos examples flikr, instagram, smugmug, 500pix [there are countless places] in other words you are going to have to spend quite a bit of time searching from original sources of photos. Other forums like this one are not original sources of photos and copying photos from there and bringing them here will run afoul since a percentage of those photos are paysite material that has been cropped to not show the logo/stamp] LISTEN to this: I NEVER EVER VISIT ANOTHER FORUM so its unlikely i will ever copy paysite material since i do my own searches. Just a hint for those of you on how i operate...i am confident evaee is using a russian-instagram type source for all of his pics and not on forum boards which are notorious for illegal paysite material...
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