General Rules for the TPOWIS.NET Forums Updated: 2017.12.02

Scan something, find something online you want to share? This is the place! - NOTE: 'Ripped' photos from 'paysites' not permitted.
Forum rules
The use of image hosts that use HARDCORE ads, have pop ups, or SOUND enabled ads are not permitted.
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General Rules for the TPOWIS.NET Forums Updated: 2017.12.02

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There are not many rules on this forum, so this will only take a moment to run through.

General Information
  • Flame wars will not be tolerated.
  • Do not use the REPORT feature to flag posts that are incomplete or missing parts. (this will land you a warning)
  • User accounts INACTIVE for over two years will be AUTOMATICALLY deleted.
  • Users are permitted ONE account. If you create a second account to change your identity, you may no longer use the original account.
  • Men posing as women is not permitted. Users found to be in violation of this rule will be banned.
  • We have a zero tolerance policy on SPAMMING. Spam and get banned, its as simple as that. This includes links to on topic sites. You would be lucky to get off with a warning.
    Avatars & Signatures
    • Avatars are limited to 150x200 pixels in resolution and must be stored with us.
    • Avatars are NOT allowed to contain pornographic content.
    • Avatars are NOT allowed to contain website addresses.
    • Avatars may be of yourself, however no definable erections and or close ups of body parts in spandex is permitted.
    • Avatars found to be inappropriate/offensive may result in a warning or banning. (inappropriateness is the judgement by the forum users, mods, and admins)
    • Signatures must not exceed 600x200 pixels in resolution and must be less than 1MB in size
    • Signatures may contain a link to any free (non-gateway*) site.
    • Signatures may contain a link to a paysite you personally operate under the following condition: you have a referral system in place. If you do, apply for advertisement with the management. This includes video stores and patreon accounts.
    • Signatures may NOT contain any pornographic content.
    • Signatures are subject to the photo posting rules already established.
    • Try to respect copyright rules when creating your signature image.
Currently banned image hosts:
Discussion for these rules can be found here.

Rules for posting photos can be found here.

*We define a gateway site as a site that mostly contains preview galleries to other sites (paysites). Such sites are a dime a dozen, contain nearly the same content, and will not be linked to from here.