Netflix and Amazon picks..

Got advance info on a certain episode that is sure to be of interest? Tell us here! -subjects auto pruned monthly-
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Netflix and Amazon picks..

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Just wanted to make a couple of TV recommendations:

GLOW on Netflix - lady wrestlers of the 80s, loads of 80s era leotards and tights.

Red Oaks - Amazon video - Series set in a sports club in the 80s. Couple of great characters - one of whom is a life guard and rocks the Baywatch look. Another is an aerobics instructor, so some great nylon/lycra leotard and tights scenes.
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Re: Netflix and Amazon picks..

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Re: Netflix and Amazon picks..

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Stranger Things 3 has a few little bits of note. Don't skim through if you've not watched any of it yet though: It's one of Netflix's best original productions and very worth watching.

Points of interest:
Multiple scenes of a group of very hot moms hanging out by a pool in one-piece suits.
Brief back view of an aerobics class with multiple extras in full back or thong leotards with brightly coloured tights.
Very quick shot of the Mayor's wife arriving home from aerobics in a thong leo and tights.

They also made this as a jokey little promo and it's great: ... 3102309376
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Netflix and Amazon picks

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We have Netflix, Hulu and Amazon. We do get current season TV shows on Hulu but we do not live stream. When we are on the road with the RV we don’t watch TV.
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